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about IFRA
What is IFRA?

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) was founded in 1973 in Geneva to represent the collective interests of the fragrance industry. Its main purpose is to promote the safe enjoyment of fragrances worldwide.

Together with the industry’s scientific centre, RIFM (the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials), the IFRA team endeavors make sure that usage standards for fragrance materials are put into practice according to the available scientific recommendation, and that member companies comply with those standards. This voluntary approach enables the IFRA standards to be adopted very rapidly by fragrance houses worldwide and by the industry as a whole.

All of RIFM’s scientific findings are evaluated by an independent, scientific Expert Panel — an international group of dermatologists, pathologists, toxicologists and environmental scientists with absolutely no ties to the fragrance industry.

The IFRA Code of Practice applies to the manufacture and handling of all fragrance materials, for all types of applications and contains the full set of IFRA Standards. Abiding by the IFRA Code of Practice is a prerequisite for all fragrance supplier companies that are members of IFRA (through their national or regional associations). Currently IFRA members supply 90% of the global market for fragrance compounds.

Client companies (including producers of toiletries and household products) expect their fragrances to comply with IFRA Standards as set out in the Code.

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) comprises four Regional Committees and 21 national associations, whose members include fragrance ingredient and compound manufacturers and suppliers.

Currently IFRA’s Association Members include Australia (FFAANZ), Brazil (ABIFRA), Columbia (CISF), Indonesia (AFFI), JAPAN (JFFMA), Mexico (ANFPA), Singapore (FFAS), USA (IFRA North America) and Europe (IFRA Europe). European Association Members are: Germany (DVRH), France (PRODAROM), Italy (Federchimica Assospecifici), Netherlands (NEA), Spain (AEFAA), Switzerland (SFFIA), Turkey (AREP) and IFRA United Kingdom.

As well as association members, IFRA also has seven Regular Members who are multinational fragrance companies. They pay their membership dues directly to IFRA. They are: Firmenich, Givaudan, IFF, Robertet, Symrise, Drom and Takasago International.

IFRA represents an 8 billion US$ industry, which serves luxury and consumer goods sectors.


As a global network IFRA acts as the representative of the fragrance industry, encouraging dialogue whilst promoting the safety and benefits of the fragrance industry’s products. We actively represent the fragrance industry in relevant international fora and towards our major stakeholders. We lead and coordinate an international network of regional and national associations who act as the authorized representatives of the fragrance industry. In our representation we endeavor to listen and learn from our stakeholders and seek to understand their views and perspectives. At the same time we will seek to gain their understanding of the fragrance industry, its activities, views, values and beliefs.


Sound science
We believe in the benefits that technology brings to human development and progress. We believe in science as the engine of innovation and the core principle of regulatory decision-making.

We believe in the concept of sustainable business. We are committed to continually improving the sustainability of the fragrance industry by reaching out to our stakeholders, developing dialogue and forming partnerships to ensure that the fragrance industry continues to be economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound.

Benefits of Fragrance
We believe that fragrances make a tangible contribution to people’s everyday wellbeing, in some cases relieving stress, improving mood, aiding sleep and always providing a pleasant atmosphere.


We will respect the views of others and act with honesty and humanity. We will seek the respect of others for our values and beliefs.

Communication will be a fundamental priority in all our activities. We will act with openness in all our dealings with stakeholders and actively engage in dialogue, exchanging opinions and facts, in order to increase society’s understanding of the fragrance industry and our understanding of society.

We will commit to serve our members and stakeholders operating to the highest possible standards of professionalism ensuring the effective and prudent management of our resources.