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compliance programme
The IFRA Compliance Program focuses on the safety of fragranced consumer products by ensuring that the IFRA Code of Practice is fully applied and adhered to. It involves the analysis of a variety of consumer products for the presence of fragrance ingredients regulated by IFRA Standards.

Each year, IFRA selects the segment in each category on a rotating basis. Ten countries where IFRA is linked to Fragrance Associations (through direct membership or through a regional association of IFRA) are selected every year by a random computer program operated by a supporting external laboratory which also operates as a third party administrator.

For the initial cycles of the program the top leading 15 products for each segment in each country, are identified based on their ranking of the preceding year. This selection process will be modified in future to include lower ranking and more local products.

After elimination of the products common to several country rankings and likely to contain identical fragrances, 15, 15 and 20 products according to the breakdown below are selected at random by a computer program also operated by the third party administrator:

  • 15 in one segment of the fine fragrance category (e.g. Eau de Toilette, Perfume)
  • 15 in one segment of the cosmetics and toiletries category (e.g. shampoo, deodorant)
  • 20 in one of two segments of the household and detergents category (e.g. air freshener, fabric conditioner, washing powder)

These products are sampled from each related market and channelled to the external laboratory in charge of the analysis of the products.

The products are analyzed by a third party administrator, eurofins Consumer Product Testing GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. The product analysis is defined in specific procedures and is coordinated by the third party administrator in order to eliminate any conflict of interest.

The third party administrator is well accredited and scientifically recognised and follows internal procedures to ensure confidentiality and impartiality in each step of the program.