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Fragrance technologies play a critical role in this. They are an “engine of innovation”, supporting brand owners and providing them with a continuous stream of new ways of meeting additional customer needs, of creating new markets, and of increasing consumer value.

For many long-standing consumer brands, fragrances developed and sustained in the highly competitive and demanding markets provide the competitive edge and unique sources of value that drives market success, enabling brand owners to compete effectively with local or domestic brands. Lying behind this are major investments in intangible assets, including creativity, science, and product development capabilities, have been made by the global fragrance industry providing brand owners with access to world-class innovation expertise.

Our sense of curiosity spans science, perfume creation, market knowledge, consumer behaviour and the safety of materials used. We put major efforts into ensuring our curiosity leads to added value

investements in intangible assets
16 to 18% of annual turnover


  • new molecules
  • research into smells
  • improving dellivery systems
  • new manufacturing processes


  • knowledge & skills building
  • market & needs of brad owners
  • creative flair & artistry


  • safety testing
  • understanding the properties of materials
  • enhaces safety information

market knowledge

  • understanding values, atitudes and end consumers' behaviours
  • anticipating social trends

operational expenditures

5000 to 6000
new briefs world-wide anually