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Fragrance technologies are widely used in three principal user sectors: Fine Fragrances and Beauty; Personal Care; and Household Care. Specific products include:

Fine Fragrance and Beauty
in this market sector, product categories that depend on fragrances include all types of perfumes (prestige, mid-market and, economy products), skin care, colour cosmetics, and beauty gift sets. 

Personal Care
a wide range of personal care product categories make use of fragrances, including hair care (shampoos, conditioners, colorants, hair control), personal hygiene (shower gels, body washes, toilet soaps, deodorants, antiperspirants, body-sprays), male toiletries, feminine care, and baby care.

Household Care
many product categories in this sector make use of fragrances. They include textile washing (laundry detergents, fabric care conditioners, stain removers), dishwashing (automatic dishwashing, hand-washing, rinse aids), surface cleaners (for kitchens, baths, windows, floors, and carpets), air fresheners, scented candles, and polishes and waxes.

European and US consumers are the largest groups of buyers of products that depend on fragrances. In 2010, their overall European expenditure on these products (measured at retail selling prices, excluding taxes) was over EUR 85 billion in the US it was USD 80 billion.  Almost every European and US household buys some or all of these products on at least a monthly basis, purchasing the functional and emotional benefits delivered by fragrance technologies. Adding to our sense of wellbeing and increasing our enjoyment of day to day living.