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How the blind are following their nose to a better life

  A Mumbai college trains the visually challenged for a career in the fragrance business Inside an odourless laboratory where countertops are lined with shampoos, deodorants, and lotions, Arun Domal and Anantha Bhoje sniff the damp end of a strip of white paper sprayed with a fine French

Air freshening - something in the air

Fragrancing is now big business in away-from-home markets, and not just in the washroom. Companies are increasingly investing in how all areas of their building smell – whether it’s hotels, supermarkets, airports or office buildings.

Bill Gates tests ‘poop perfume’ as he sniffs out another solution to the world’s sanitation problems

Bill Gates’ business sense has a lot to do with why he is who he is, but it’s the billionaire Microsoft co-founder’s sense of smell that was put to the test in his latest effort to find a solution to sanitation problems in the world’s poorest countries.

IFRA UK names CPL Aromas' Nick Pickthall as Chairman

Nick Pickthall IFRA UK has announced that Nick pickthall is to take on the role of Chairman, succeeding Jonathan Gray of fragrance, flavour and raw material supplier Mane. Pickthall is the Chief Operating Officer of UK-headquartered fragrance house CPL Aromas.

Speakers announced for the IFRA UK Fragrance Forum

The fragrance association, IFRA UK, has announced details of its 2016 Fragrance Forum, which takes place on 12th October at the Royal Society in

RIFM Commemorates 50 Years

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) will celebrate 50 years of participation in scientific research and regulations at a special annual meeting—Communicating the Science of Safe Scent—on Sept. 22 at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, New York.

Guidance on environmental assessment for essential oils now available

The European industry associations for essential oils have published new guidelines to help companies to fulfil their legal requirements for the environmental assessment of natural complex

IFRA UK asks: do you smell well?

The International Fragrancing Association (IFRA) UKFragrance Forum 2016 will be held on October 12 at The Royal Society in London. This annual fragrance symposium seeks to explore the art and the science behind fragrance and olfaction.

Forbidden Smell is Sweet: IFRA and Fragrance Safety

by: Matvey Yudov People pay much attention to safety and protection and the field of perfumery is no exception, of course – hardly anyone would like to spread carcinogens on a daily bais over his or her skin.

Essential Oils Sector Readies for REACH

FRANCE: Prodarom, the French fragrance association, and IFRA held a fifth round table with stakeholders from the essential oils sector.