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Essential oils on the agenda at EU Industry workshop
Essential oils on the agenda at EU/Industry workshop

On the 8th April, in Brussels, IFRA along with representatives of the essential oils industry (EFEO) attended a workshop organized by the EU Commission with the participation of ECHA. It was jointly co-chaired by DG Environment and DG Enterprise.

The workshop was designed to address serious concerns regarding the EU Chemicals legislation REACH and CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) and the ability to comply for small essential oils companies facing complex legislation for the first time.

Producers from France, Italy and Bulgaria explained that the substances they produce are not standard chemicals. They are produced outdoors in nature and therefore their properties and composition depend on many different naturally occurring factors. The industry made it clear that they are willing to embrace their responsibility and comply with the new legislation, but that they require some specific guidelines specific to their sector.

The Commission and ECHA welcomed the industry's commitment to comply, and promised to work together with the sector on the development of specific guidelines for the essential oils industry to help companies fulfill their obligations. In addition, the EU Commission, following on from a previous workshop held in December last year also proposed implementing legislation to address issues like cost and data sharing, which are typical requirements of the REACH legislation.