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Round table on essential oils evaluates progress on REACH registration
Round table on essential oils evaluates progress on REACH registration

On Feb. 24, 2015, IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and PRODAROM (French Fragrance Association), organized a roundtable to assess progress in the search for pragmatic solutions for the registration of essential oils, particularly Lavender in the context of REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals).

A workshop organized by the European Commission in April 2014 helped to initiate a number of proposals and regular contacts between the sector, the French authorities, the European Commission and ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). A first round table held in Brussels on December 3, 2014, assessed the issues and challenges for essential oils producers.
This second roundtable in Grasse allowed all parties to update on the progress of the three projects identified as essential:

1) characterization of essential oils for the correct nomenclature,
2) development of specific protocols for ecotoxicity tests
3) socio-economic impact on the industry

The discussions and conclusions established that there has been progress on these initiatives and there is a strong willingness to find practical solutions for all parties.

The representatives of the industrial and agricultural sector held fruitful exchanges with representatives of the European Commission, ECHA and French authorities on the progress and tasks to accomplish in the coming months. The issue of the characterization of essential oils specifically is to be resolved before the summer of 2015.

Robert Tessier, recently appointed head of mission by the French Minister of Agriculture and St├ęphane Le Foll, participated in the session. The objective of his mission is to support the perfume, aromatics and medicinal (MAPP) sector in the implementation of European regulations. It will report its findings to the Minister by the 1st October 2015.