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Fourth round table on essential oils focuses on environmental data for REACH registration
Fourth round table on essential oils focuses on environmental data for REACH registration

This Friday, September 18, Prodarom and IFRA held a fourth round table with all stakeholders from the essential oils sector. This session continues a series of actions implemented by the sector. Given the challenges and questions arising from the registration of substances under REACH, the European chemicals Regulation, this program, designed to find pragmatic solutions, was initiated in April 2014 by the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in partnership with industry experts.

The previous round table, held on 9th July in Aix-en-Provence, took a decisive step for the 2018 REACH registration of essential oils. The guidelines on the characterization of essential oils, adopted in July, will help many small and medium-sized companies and enable the agricultural sector to address the 2018 registrations with more guidance.

This fourth round table focused on particular aspects of the environmental impact of essential oils. It followed a working meeting organized by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), late August in Helsinki. The environmental data required for REACH are complex and pragmatic solutions need to be tailored to the specificities of essential oils.

A roadmap identifying the work to be undertaken by stakeholders in the coming months was developed. As was the case for the characterization of substances, guidelines should be adopted enabling the production of data required for placing materials on the market. In this phase, downstream processors will support the agricultural sector, bringing their skills and expertise. This solidarity at all levels of the value chain and the constant dialogue with the Agency and the European Commission allows for solutions to be developed without compromising the essence of REACH, which in terms of chemical regulation, is the most advanced in the world for safety and the protection of the environment.

Geert Dancet, Executive Director of ECHA, reiterated the commitment of his Agency along with that of the European Commission. Open dialogue on proposals will help find an appropriate framework for an economic sector often left to itself to face relevant but complex regulations. ‘The work will benefit all actors in this European-wide value chain,' said Mr. Dancet.

Finally, representatives of the industrial and agricultural sector unanimously welcomed the involvement and support of Mr. Robert Tessier, commissioned by the French Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll. His commitment has led to the sincere involvement required from the economic sector as a whole and demonstrated the support of the French government.