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Position paper

IFRA position Directive sur la protection du savoir-faire et des informations commerciales non divulgués (secrets d’affaires)

Au cours des dernières décennies, le savoir-faire et les informations commerciales non divulgués sont devenus beaucoup plus vulnérables. IFRA a accueilli avec soulagement la Directive adoptée par la Commission Européenne le 28 novembre 2013 établissant une définition commune des secrets d’affaires et un niveau de protection comparable dans les 28 pays de l'Union Européenne.
Position paper

IFRA Position Paper on Proposal for Directive on Protection on Know-How and CBI

Over the last few decades, undisclosed know-how and confidential business information have become much more vulnerable. IFRA welcomed the Directive adopted by the European Commission on 28 November 2013 establishing a common definition of trade secrets and a comparable level of protection in the 28 countries of the European Union.
Position paper

Valuable Yet Vulnerable Trade Secrets in the Fragrance Industry

Trade secrets have been the principle means by which our rapidly innovating industry has historically protected its intellectual property. The following report is designed to highlight its continued dependence on trade secrets as a means of protecting the fragrance industry’s IP, the challenges to the continued effective use of trade secrets and to indicate where our industry would like to see action in this area. We have, where possible, illustrated with examples.
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