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IFRA welcomes the EU proposed measures on fragrance allergens
IFRA welcomes the EU proposed measures on fragrance allergens

The EU Commission has published its proposed measures designed to enhance the protection of consumers from potential fragrance allergens. The measures are now open for public consultation.

Among others, the measures consider the adoption of thresholds to prevent the induction which may be caused by fragrance allergens of specific concern, using the QRA approach (Quantitative Risk Assessment). This approach assesses materials and establishes use limits according to consumer exposure levels from different products.

“We broadly welcome the proposed measures,” said Pierre Sivac, IFRA President. “The Commission has devoted a great deal of effort to assess all the aspects of this issue and we think that the measures are relevant and will be effective. We nevertheless are concerned that the extension of the current labelling of allergens may not improve the level of information for consumers already sensitized, nor enable future enhancements. The current proposals, we feel, could be more effective by combining meaningful labelling and additional information through a website. Despite this detail, consumers can be confident that their health will be protected and that they can continue to enjoy safe, innovative products.”

The fragrance industry will continue delivering on its commitment to the long term scientific program called IDEA – International Dialogue on the Evaluation of Allergens ( Launched early last year, it has been designed as an international multi-stakeholder effort involving independent academics, regulators, dermatologists, consumer organisations and industry experts. The proceedings from the IDEA Workshops will be reviewed annually by the EU Commission and the stakeholders. The first annual review took place on December 13th in Luxembourg following the first three Workshops held last year.

“The aim of the IDEA program is to work together on the science of fragrance allergens and to establish agreed international protocols, methodologies and defined criteria for assessing the potential risk of fragrance allergens. The past years demonstrated that there is a need for better and common understanding, assessment and management of fragrance allergens. This program is designed to significantly improve the risk assessment methodologies and identify appropriate risk management measures,” said Pierre Sivac, President of IFRA.