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IFRA urges inclusion of potency for assessing endocrine disruptors
IFRA urges inclusion of potency for assessing endocrine disruptors

IFRA supports the inclusion of potency, exposure, severity and irreversibility as criteria to help identify endocrine disrupters of concern.

Potency, in particular, plays a key role in a scientific risk assessment of all potentially dangerous substances, including carcinogens in food. There is no scientific basis for disregarding potency in the risk assessment of endocrine disruptors.

A clear distinction must be made between risk and hazard in the identification of criteria for endocrine disrupting chemicals. This is fundamental to ensure that ingredients’ safety assessments reflect reality. A substance may have endocrine-active properties without necessarily leading to negative effects on human health.

IFRA urges the European Commission to continue conducting a dialogue with all relevant stakeholders to define scientific criteria that may help to identify endocrine disrupting substances.

A poor decision on endocrine disruptors poses an unacceptable risk for Europe. IFRA supports the Commission in its wish to take a responsible, well-informed stance that reflects reality. It must reaffirm its respect for science and consider the exposure and potency of a substance when deciding if it is safe for use or not.