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Education at IFF
Perfumery school

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc (IFF) offers a full-time, multi-year study course at the IFF Perfumery School which is open to company employees.

Overseen by industry legend Ron Winnegrad – who urges students “don’t think, just smell” – the course features additional training in North America, the Netherlands, France and Brazil as well as apprenticeships with a senior perfumer.

The programme is open to all employees although the applicants must “show promise on olfactory and psychological tests to be considered”. The Perfumery School offers detailed instruction in the art and fundamentals of perfumery from individual ingredients to fragrance creation.

Since the school welcomed Winnegard in 2001 a total of 19 perfumers have completed the programme and numerous fragrance development managers – an important link between customers and perfumers – have training in the art and science of perfumery.

“Our investment in this professional program provides a unique career path for IFF employees and also develops a creative talent pool,” says IFF.

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