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Education and Givaudan
In 2010 Givaudan set up a Green Team Sustainability Award to celebrate best practice across the company’s operations. It was won in 2010 by the Pedro Escobedo site in Mexico and represented a natural step in the development of the company’s Green Teams. The teams are made up of employees who volunteer to find new ways to improve the sustainability of the company’s sites and report to a Sustainability Steering Team that answers to the Executive Committee.

• Every Givaudan site now has a Green Team that looks for opportunities to be more sustainable, share tips, help change behaviour, promote awareness and share best practice through communications programmes, surveys, regular e-newsletters, a ‘green tip of the week’ and an e-learning module. Implemented suggestions during 2010 included saving 81,000 litres of water at the Ashford site in the UK by fitting motion sensors in men’s bathrooms; recycling packaging waste to save 150,000kg of CO2 emissions in Naarden in the Netherlands or replacing plastic cups in Ridgedale in the US with mugs. These are simple ideas generated by employees themselves.

• Givaudan also produces an annual sustainability report that details the achievements made during the previous year, the targets for the future, the key factors against which success can be measured and the challenges ahead. This is downloadable for everyone and open to feedback. In February 2010 the company carried out a survey of employees to promote a greater understanding of sustainability and to collect fresh ideas.

• By 2015 Givaudan will have asked 200 of its 400 top suppliers to join the Sedex programme. Sedex is a non-profit organisation that provides standardised social audit and ethical self-assessment processes. Givaudan says that increased pressure by consumers and environmental groups to ensure full traceability of supply has encouraged the company to increase its sustainability audit programme.

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