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Every fragrance is a unique combination of science and artistry. Through their complex properties, they form “platform technologies”, facilitating innovation by brand owners throughout the Consumer Goods sector. In Fine Fragrance, Personal Care and Household Care markets, most products rely upon fragrances to deliver valued emotional or functional benefits, to communicate product performance, to differentiate brands, or to create added value.

market focus

individual customers needs
  • malodour control
  • beauty
  • self-identity
  • aspiration
  • home
  • hygiene
  • mood
  • reassurance
  • well-being

brand owners needs
    • increase consumer acceptance ("masking")
    • create product categories
    • explain functional benefit
    • meet wider emotional needs
    • differentiate segmentation

Fragrances create important benefits that are ubiquitous, tangible, and valued. They solve important functional problems and they satisfy valued emotional needs. On a functional level, the complex properties of fragrances allow individuals to control or remove malodour: the bad smells that afflict the everyday lives of millions. Control of these smells, using fragrances embedded in household and personal care products, improves the physical quality of people’s lives. As well as combating malodour, fragrances communicate complex ideas – creating mood, signalling cleanliness, freshness, or softness, alleviating stress, creating well-being, and triggering allure and attraction.

Fragrances are “platform technologies”: they create benefits for manufacturers of consumer products and luxury goods because their properties meet the highly-valued functional and emotional needs of end-consumers. Through an extended process of initial purchase and subsequent re-purchase, this creates added value for brand owners through the creation of new product categories, new products, greater differentiation between one brand and another, higher sales volumes, greater margins, more loyal customers, and improved brand equity.